At Kate Rogers Physiotherapy, we provide advice and treatment to help patients manage pain and restore physical function – particularly for those who have, or are at risk of, developing lymphoedema.

While many of our patients come to see us after breast cancer surgery and treatment, we also see men and women with primary lymphoedema, and women in need of pregnancy-related physiotherapy.

Our tailored treatments include education and guidance on how to care for the affected area and advice on skincare, travelling, exercise, lifting, risk factors and the monitoring of symptoms.

We also provide palliative care, bringing our patients relief and comfort throughout their illness.



  • Treatment for breast and arm swelling

  • Education and prevention

  • Pre-operative assessment

  • Skincare and limb precautions

  • Lymphoedema management

  • Manual lymphatic drainage

  • Bandaging and cobanding

  • Lymphoedema exercises

  • Garment prescription

  • Garment fitting

  • Treatment for breast oedema

  • Palliative care


Women's Health

  • Treatment of pain and discomfort during pregnancy

  • Individual antenatal education

  • Treatment of pelvic instability

  • Exercise integration

  • Management of musculoskeletal conditions

  • Pelvic floor assessment

  • Management of pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Incontinence and bladder training



  • Treatment of axillary web syndrome (cording)

  • Joint and nerve mobilisation

  • Scar tissue massage

  • Rehabilitation following cancer treatment

  • Prevention of osteoporosis

  • Exercise integration

  • Palliative care

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